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Risks Of Untreated Water Damage

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Water damage can be one of the most serious and destructive home maintenance issues that you can encounter. Without prompt water damage restoration by an experienced contractor, water damage can quickly lead to many additional problems. These potential issues include hydrostatic pressure buildup in your walls and floors, mold growth, aesthetic damage, and weakened interior structures from water saturation. When water damage occurs in your home, it is important to act swiftly and hire a reliable water damage restoration service to mitigate the risk of any long-term consequences.

This article highlights some of the most common risks of untreated water damage.

Mold and Fungi Growth

Water damage left untreated can quickly lead to toxic mold and fungi growth. These toxic molds are both a health hazard and a property risk, presenting serious problems for homeowners. Not only does toxic mold cause damage to the structure of the home in terms of rotting wood and corroded metals, but it also has serious implications for those living or working in the space where the toxic mold is present. Symptoms of toxic mold exposure range from eye and skin irritation to respiratory issues, headaches, and memory problems. Furthermore, toxic mold can spread quickly through air conditioning systems, making it difficult to get rid of once it takes hold.

Structural Damage

When excess moisture accumulates in a property's walls, roof, and other structural components, it causes rot or rust to form, weakening structural integrity and increasing the likelihood of catastrophic structural failure. It is important to act quickly when dealing with water damage to prevent structural damage from occurring. Professional services should be consulted promptly to inspect and address the issue before it becomes too serious.

Electrical Injuries

Moisture can create a path of electrical conduction, allowing electrical current to travel outside its intended source. If live wire contacts such a path when handled, the effect can be an electric shock resulting in electrical burns and tissue damage, or severe cases, death by electrocution. Electrical systems must be regularly checked to prevent these risks associated with untreated water damage to ensure they are safe and dry. Adequate diligence concerning the electrical wiring set-up of a home/building may reduce the chances of electrical injuries.

Health Hazards

As bacteria and mold grow, health problems like respiratory infections, pulmonary diseases, and even skin irritations may arise. While certain health risks associated with untreated water damage are relatively mild, some individuals may experience more severe health issues due to a weakened immune system or existing health condition. To protect yourself and your family from health risks due to water damage, it is important to take quick action and repair any damage as soon as possible. Working with certified professionals and trusted solutions can help you address your water damage needs swiftly and efficiently.

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