repairing damage after you flood your basement

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How To Repair Water Damaged Drywall In A Finished Basement

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Flooding can wreak havoc on a finished basement. After you remove the water and dry your basement, there may be drywall to replace. With the right tools, time and patience, this is a job you can do yourself.  Removing Compromised Drywall Drywall that has been structurally compromised from water damage will sag, or may even collapse from touching it. The drywall will noticeably blister or bubble if the panel is still holding back any water. Read More»

Have Allergies or Asthma? Check These Less Known Household Hiding Places for Two Triggers

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If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you certainly want to rid your home of any elements that can trigger an attack. While you can easily get rid of causes like plant pollen and pet dander, because you can see them, dust mites and mould may be challenging to eliminate. Dust mites are only visible under a microscope, and mould often hides in places where you don’t look.  Here are some tips for checking out less common places to find dust mite and mould, so you can be free of these health problems. Read More»