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Tips For Remodeling Your Home To Create Additional Space

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The total amount of square footage within a home can affect the type of furniture you purchase for your home as well as how you are able to decorate. Some owners solve storage and interior space issues by adding additional floors to their homes or even building on additional rooms. With home remodeling it is possible to take the same amount of square footage you had at the time that you purchased your home and simply redistribute it so that you have an abundant amount of room. Make use of these home remodeling tips to make your house feel and appear abundantly more spacious.

Install Recessed Shelving

Putting in standard shelves can give you additional spots to put up books, knick-knacks and home furnishes but it will also take away from your total square footage. Hire a home remodeling company to install recessed shelves that will give you more room for storage will essentially keeping your home's floor plans exactly the same. A custom shelving unit can add more value to your home as well as give the interior a much more refined look.

Raise the Ceilings

Your home can have the illusion of bigger than it is with increased ceiling height. When the ceilings are raised you can put in taller bookcases, lamps and other furnishings that will make the interior feel more expansive. Since raising the ceilings in your home will require structural changes to be made you should consult with a home remodeling company to check on price, permit requirements and total construction time frames. It will likely be easier to raise the ceilings in a single floor home than it would be to raise the ceiling height in a home that is two stories high or more.

Upgrade the Flooring

Having hardwood floors throughout your entire home will absolutely make the interior roomier, and it can actually give you a little more space. Consider remodeling your home so that you are able to access a storage unit that is conveniently constructed in the floors. Hardwood flooring can easily camouflage hidden storage areas that can be utilized to keep your board games and holiday decorations, or anything that doesn't get used regularly. Using a combination of hardwood and tiled flooring throughout your house will aid in making smooth transitions from room to room without any visual disruptions. You will be very impressed when you view the results of a professional home remodeling job that replaces worn carpets with smooth, modern hardwood floors.