repairing damage after you flood your basement

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A Few Tips For Water Damage Restoration

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Whether you had a leak in the roof, left a window open, or had a pipe bust, repairing water damage can involve a lot more than simply soaking up some liquid with a towel. Of course, a lot of the clean up will depend on just what was damaged. Here are a few tips that will help you understand what may be required so you do not waste time doing things that will not take care of the problems. 


If you had a leak that managed to seep into any drywall, you are going to need to replace it. You need to look the piece over entirely. If only a small portion has been damaged, you may be able to simply cut out damage and patch it with another small piece of sheetrock. It is best if you make the decision and cut out the damage as soon as possible so more of the piece is not affected as the moisture travels through it.


Furniture upholstery, drapery, and carpeting will need to be cleaned. Even if you were able to absorb water completely, there is going to be some type of stain left. If you were not able to absorb the water, be sure to have the pieces cleaned as soon as possible to avoid having mold or mildew grow on it. It is probably best to have the pieces professionally cleaned to ensure there is no water stain left and that any spores are killed.

Wood or Tile Flooring

Water can seep under flooring. You may not even realize it is there until you see some mold peeking around corners or edges. In addition, water can loosen any glue or gout that was used to put the tiles down. Furthermore, wood will absorb the water and become bloated so that it will not sit properly anymore. A professional water damage restoration company has large heaters and fans that will quickly dry any water that may be under your flooring so it cannot cause any type of damage.

Never assume that all the water is gone or dried. Contact a water damage restoration service to come and inspect the damaged area. They can then tell you the best ways to restore your home and belongings to normal. There may be some things you can do yourself, but be honest and admit your limitations. If you don't have the equipment or experience, just let the pros handle it.