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Auto Hail Dent Problems That You Will Need To Deal With After Summer Storms

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When the summer storms bring hail with them, they can cause serious damage to your car. Depending on the size of the stones, it can cause problems with broken glass, dents, and dings. You will want to get this damage repaired to preserve your car's value.

There are things that you want to know about repairing the damage to your car after a hailstorm. You should inspect the glass and the paint for signs of damage and have it repaired sooner rather than later. The following information will help you deal with auto hail damage after summer storms:

Dealing With Damaged Auto Glass

The glass is one of the first areas where you will want to inspect your car after a hailstorm. Sometimes, the problems with the glass are minor cracks and chips. Usually, the minor damage to your auto glass can be repaired. If there is any glass that is shattered, it will need to be replaced.

Repairing the Dings and Dents

These dents are most often minor damage, and paintless dent repair techniques can be used to remove them. The damage will be repaired by shaping the sheet metal with special tools, which will be done without causing more damage to the paint. These types of repairs are essential to preserve the original paint and prevent repairs from being visible after they are done.

Replacing Damaged Body Trim Pieces

There may also be damaged auto body trim pieces that have been damaged. Often, the easiest way to fix this hail damage is to replace the parts. Look over all the trim on the exterior of your car and look for damage like cracks or loose pieces. It will be better to replace these auto body trim pieces if they are damaged, but if you cannot find parts, you can talk to the repair service about repairing them.

Touching Up and Buffing Scratches in Paint

The paint can also be scratched, which will need repairs. The paint can be touched up and blended if needed. These paint repairs should be done with touchup paint that matches the original factory paint serial numbers. Once the touchup work has been done, the paint can be buffed to blend it. After buffing, a wax or ceramic coating can be applied to protect the finish.

These are the things that you need to know about repairing auto hail damage. If your car has been damaged in recent storms, contact an auto hail removal service for help with the repairs that need to be done.